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The Bloodpack


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These are summaries of the movies in short. Beware of spoilers!



Racquel takes a guy to a vampire club. All hell breaks loose. The guy survives as Blade comes in and kills all the vampires except for Quinn and Mercury.
Quinn arrives at the hospital, bites a doctor named Karen and one named Curtis, then gets hurt by Blade, who takes the girl with. We meet Whistler. He makes Blade's weapons. They help Karen stay human.
Summarize: Deacon Frost arrives, he wants to rule the Vampire Council. Blade saves Karen from turning. They find the Vampire Bible's whereabouts. Discover a man-like blob named Pearl who they kill. Quinn gets hurt and gets his arm cut off. They escape. Back home, vampire invade Blade's place, hurt Whistler and take Karen. Blade comes back, finds Whistler, gives him a gun, and Whistler shoots himself. Karen makes a serum that blows up vampires. Blade uses it and finds the vampire place. He kills a few, then finds a room, where his though-to-be-dead mother is. Blade is apprehended. They throw Karen in a little room where her assistant Curtis is, who has become a zombie. She escapes. Blade is being drained of his blood so that Deacon can be the bloodgod La Magra. All of the vampire council members, not Mercury or Quinn or Deacon, die. Blade gets out, drinks Karen's blood, kills his mom, then kills a bunch of others. Quinn gets cut in half, Mercury's head is blown up, and Deacon gets a bunch of the serum needles thrown into him and he explodes. The movie ends in Russia where Blade saves a woman from a vampire.



We are first introduced to Nomak, a reaper who's jaws open and close onto their victims' faces, infecting them. Then we see Blade trying to find Whistler, killing a bunch of vamps in the process except one who he says he'll get later.
He finds Whistler in a blood tank, releases him, and takes him home. We meet Scud who now makes the weapons. Blade injects a serum into Whistler. Then we see a flashback from the first film of Whistler's death scene. Blade awakes in the morning and finds Whistler still alive. Whistler meets Scud, dislikes him at that moment, then the place is invaded by two goggle-wearing vampires.
They fight, then one named Asad stops it. Blade is asked to help the Vampire nation against a new trouble. The other goggled vampire is Nyssa. Scud, Whistler, and Blade go to the Vampire Nation building where they meet Damaskinos, the head vampire and Nyssa's father. They find out about the Reapers, who are said to be a virus.
Then we see a guy selling drugs. Nomak arrives and bites him. Then we see Blade. Nyssa arrives with the Bloodpack. They are Priest, Chupa, Lighthammer, Verlaine, Snowman, Chupa, and Reinhardt, who Blade puts a bomb on, on the back of his head. They leave to a vampire club. Scud and Whistler are outside. Reapers start popping up. Nomak finds Nyssa, doesn't kill her. Snowman karate fights a reaper, doesn't kill it. Chupa and Reinhardt are shooting at the reapers. Priest is getting bitten by one. Lighthammer gets bitten but doesn't tell.
Blade fights Nomak, wins. Asks Nyssa why Nomak didn't kill her. They find out that the Reapers don't like UV light. Priest is killed. They, the next day at sunrise go down into the sewer with UV guns and these little UV balls. Lighthammer kills Snowman, then goes after Verlaine who opens the sewer lid killing them both. Chupa and Reinhardt beat up Whistler who sprays Reaper pheromone on Chupa. Chupa is killed. Whistler is given a ring by Nomak and a secret. Everybody is killed except for Reinhardt, Whistler, Nomak, Nyssa, and Blade who are all kidnapped by Damaskinos' men.
Damaskinos reveals that the reapers were genetically engineered. Then Whistler gives the ring to Nyssa, who knows it to be the family ring. Damaskinos reveals that Nomak is his son and her brother. They leave. Then Reinhardt shoots Blade, who starts the bomb which doesn't go off. He finds out that Scud is a traitor and works for Damaskinos. Reinhardt throws the bomb to Scud. Blade tells Scud that it wasn't a dud, and that he knew about Scud the whole time. Scud blows up. Then Blade is impaled on a spike table for his blood. Nomak arrives, Blade escapes with Whistler's help, and is brought to Damaskinos' blood pool, where he recovers, killing a bunch of guys and Reinhardt. Then Nomak arrives, bites and kills Damaskinos and bites Nyssa. Blade comes in and they fight. Blade stabs Nomak in the side of his ribcage, the only penetrateable side. Nomak dies. Nyssa asks to see the sun before she dies. She dies in Blade's arms. Then we go to London. The vampire who's life Blade spared in the beginning is in a strip club. He goes in, the glass door opens, and Blade is sitting on the other side. "You didn't think I forgot about you, did you?!" Then he stabs him in the head. for help or suggestions