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The Bloodpack


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The Bloodpack's death

"Never have I worked with such an awesome man or in such a great film!" --Donnie Yen in our interview.

This part of the site tells in order, who dies in the Bloodpack and how.
1. Priest- Gets bitten by a Reaper, then goes in flames when hit by the sun.
2. Snowman- Gets killed by Lighthammer in the sewer.
3. Verlaine- Opens the sewer lid in daylight, killing herself.
4. Lighthammer- Dies in Verlaine's sunlight escape.
5. Chupa- He's attracted to by some reapers and feasted on while Whistler watches in horror.
6. Asad- Taken underwater and bitten by several reapers.
7. Reinhardt- Cut in half vertically.
8. Nyssa- Dies when the sun rises in Blade's arm.
The demise of one of the most kickass groups in movie history. Why couldn't at least one of them live?
Here are a few pictures that I rounded up of some of the Bloodpack member's deaths.


Asad's death scene


Nyssa's death scene


Priest's biting scene

Ice Cube-Right Here, Right Now
Featured in Blade 2, Thanks Ice! for suggestions or help