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Welcome to my Blade site, mostly dedicated to you, the viewers, and the Bloodpack, the bomb ass vamps in Blade 2.
We discuss Blade, his appearances in books and movies, and especially the Bloodpack. We discuss the movies in particular, so if you don't want to see any spoilers, turn back now.

First, we rank the Bloodpack by most to least popular according to past and recent polls.
1. Snowman played by Donnie Yen
Although he had very little screen time and was killed by #2 (Lighthammer), he still lives on in our hearts.
2. Lighthammer played by Daz Crawford
Had a bomb ass hammer, nice facial tattoos, but the bastard didn't tell the others that he was bitten by a reaper.
3. Chupa played by Matt Schulze
Golden fang teeth like a real gangsta, his hair was ok, but he turned on Whistler and that is a no-no.
4. Reinhardt played by Ron Perlman
Bald, nice glasses, I would have put him as #1, but it's your votes, not mine.
5. Priest played by Tony Curran
Nice accent, short screen time, that part with his face gone really pissed me off.
6. Asad played by Danny John Jules
Great vamp, responsible leader, was at the wrong place at the wrong time in the end.
7. Nyssa played by Leonor Varela
Sexy as hell, would have put her as #0 but that doesn't exist. This is based on kickassness, not looks.
8. Verlaine played by some french chick
Short part, kind of hot, but she didn't show or do anything really helpful, having almost saved Lighthammer from getting bit and then getting killed by him. 


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"You're about one cunt hair away from hillbilly heaven."
-- Chupa to Whistler


Blade 1 takes place in Los Angeles. Blade is a half-human, half-vampire man who is after Deacon Frost, the vampire who killed his mother, or so he thought. Blade encounters Karen, a doctor who was bitten by Frost's assistant Quinn, who helps Blade with his serums and chem weapons as Whistler, Blade's mentor and weapon maker, does the rest. Deacon wants to take over the world as the Bloodgod, but with Blade around, that won't happen.
Blade 2 takes off a couple years after the first. Blade is after Whistler who had been bitten and thought dead in the first film. But he's not, and accompanied by Scud, Blade's new assistant, they plot against the vampires. Until a new species appears. The Reapers, who led by Nomak, infect their prey, turning them into jawless, mandible-like monsters that multiply quickly. Blade is forced to team up with the Bloodpack, a team of vampires, to kill the Reapers. But the team are not what they seem to be later in the film, and Blade is double-crossed into thinking that the Reapers are just a virus, but are instead genetically engineered.

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